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Text Box: UPDATE  7/25/2009                                                                  DAY 9 OF 10 DAYS OF UPDATES SCROLL DOWN OR FOLLOW THE LINKS. WE HAVE LOTS OF INFORMATION.
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Call the Riverbank city clerk;  209-869–7101 and ask them if the city council can increase your assessments, fees and charges with out a vote of “We,” Citizens of Riverbank. Ask them if a tax increase can be placed on the ballot without  the necessity of collecting signatures. This places the tax payer at a disadvantage always trying to respond to the latest money grab.

deceive the public to get their hands on our tax dollars. The supporters of the recall of Dave and Jesse James White stole the image from the “youth programs” page. Yet on their web site they post a web address of a “different group,” trying to link it to the site, “an intentional lie to support their propaganda.”

“What big fat Liars.”  In fact; morality is subjective to these progressives;

“It’s what ever you can get away with while getting progressively deeper into our pockets.” The old adage about politicians stealing lolly-pops from babies, isn’t that what they’re doing by stealing a copyrighted image from someone to support their propaganda, stealing the image from the parents without permission, and stealing the image of a minor to again bolster their lies. We would like to thank all the Riverbank youth who have participated in the many web sites, projects, outings, research, and animations. Don’t be angered or discouraged because of typing errors or that those liars call your animations, “juvenile.” For more than six years we’ve been working with you in Riverbank and they never heard of you or our community out reach. It is for you that we exist. You are the precious future. One day you will be voting and you will be able to see through the lies and deceptions to see the truth in any issue. Don’t be offended by these so called adults, the parallels you’ve drawn between them and some kids on the playground are exactly correct,

“they are liars.”






What sup…? 


Thieves and liars?


That’s right folks we are going to demonstrate how those that support the recall will say and do anything to deceive you to get our tax dollars.


David A. White and Jesse James White didn’t bring this youth group to our town nor did Charlie Neal. Perhaps if the “re-callers of Dave and Jesse James White” were actually involved in the community rather than their own schemes they would know these are Riverbank youth. In fact; the picture they refer to on their web site was a copyrighted image they went to great

lengths to steal from;

website which has safeguards to protect copyrighted images, moreover they have no

authorization from the parents of the minor

to use her image as the people possess. Thieves and liars, that’s who’s behind the recall of Dave and Jesse James White. Lets talk now about the edited video they posted on “U-Tube,” Not only is it heavily edited with jumps and skips in the video to support their propaganda but “the video does show Jesse James White voting against his grandfather,” 

something they say is the basis for the recall. They say; “Jesse James White won’t vote against his grandfather that’s why he should be recalled.”

Those that support the recall of Dave and Jesse James White can’t keep their own lies and  propaganda straight.

That’s the hallmark of liars they can’t keep all their lies straight.

Lets get back to the picture they stole from It’s the picture with the color flyers to your right. Do you see a payment or funding in the picture? How can they tell from two or more years ago that this image some how indicates it’s circulation was funded?  Do you see cash or a check? It’s nothing but more lies, they will say and do anything to

Text Box: UPDATE 6/28/2009    DAY 3 
Text Box: 6/20/09

Hello everyone we have new material… Scroll down and see the documents that reveal the power grab at our expense.

We have the court documents… Jesse James White, “Informal probation for a wet reckless his junior year in high school.” Madueno, Benitez, Tucker, Salaiz, and others are using counterfeit court documents!  Did you know those “progressives” trying to get progressively deeper into our pockets are actually passing out counterfeit city documents that Dave White voted to buy the Madueno, Benitez scam known as the Del Rio? 
Guess what; Dave White wasn’t even in town when they voted. 

We have the video of the Riverbank city manager burying raises that the city council didn’t know were in the documents and previously said the city couldn’t afford. The Riverbank city manager, “Holmer,” is manipulating the process by hiding things in documents with which the council is to vote. Do you know Sandra Benitez knew and let it ride?  We have video. The only video of the event. 

Riverbank city manager “Holmer,” has a one for you and two for me clause in his contract. 
When raises were given to silence  those that know ( over $10,000.00 a month per person ) he gets his in spades and more than others. He has exceeded his authority and subverts the process; specifically and not limited to, 
City Code Section 31.03 (H) (17) circumventing the city engineers in lieu of undocumented and fly by the seat of your pants developments  and projects using developers engineers bringing our city substandard products. Do you know that “Holmer,” with the help of Madueno and Benitez gave a piece of city property to developers circumventing the council and the value was over $177,000.00? Did you know contractors are being advanced city money with defective reimbursement agreements if any at all? This almost guarantees the city will receive inferior products with out city engineers involvement, again circumventing the process. In several instances developers are being reimbursed more than costs and are over budget creating further budget deficits. Do you know a city water well is being drilled on the property of family members of the scammers when other, better suited locations exist and were not used?
What is saving our community is the revenue from the sales taxes at the new retail shopping center.
That won’t last long. That’s what the real issue is; Madueno, Benitez, Tucker, Salaiz, and others want the opportunity to be “progressive,” that means; “getting progressively deeper into our pockets.” Stay tuned more is coming, we have video, and thousands of documents and emails that reveal the scam of the, “progressives.” 

Sign the document to support Dave White and Jesse James White.

Stop the scam! Stop the power grab! 
Vote No on Madueno for Mayor!     

“Refuse,” to sign the recall of Dave White and Jesse James White.  

Text Box: UPDATE   6/26/2009 
Text Box: Hi everyone... 
we have a lot of material we will be posting.
These documents encompass years of hidden backroom deals and the “consultant merry go round” and so much more. Continue to scroll down and see more postings with interesting previous news.

Don’t sign the Recall it’s a scam and money grab of our tax dollars!

DAY  1		The first documents are identifying an attempt by city manager Holmer to get a bonus for raising as much money into the general 			fund as he could. Taxes, assessments, fees, and charges. That’s illegal and acknowledgement of the action by a third party is 			contained herein. More over city manager Holmer was 	contacted by the District attorney’s office that he was being watched. 			Wasn’t that nice of those friends or family. We also show the creation of a slush fund with 3,194,219.00 of our dollars, “of our 			money and with out the city counsels knowledge when it was created.” Interestingly it still exists and no one can get information 			about 	it. Holmer and the director of Finance created and have control of this secret stash of our money. With this kind of 				protection from Investigation this is the first leg of the takeover of the evil triad. It appears he keeps trying to get this 				bonus scam in place repeatedly? Look at the dates of the documents. Call the Riverbank city clerk and 	ask for  Information about 			account #125 and see how long it takes you to get nothing. Call and complain to the Vice mayor or Mayor pro tem. The city 				managers contract is up. Is it time for a change? If your at work and you do a job your not supposed to do or are trained t do and 			get hurt  do you think you might get fired. Holmer didn’t, it sure is comforting to know we have 
		someone like him who knows how to work the system.  Mad?  Call the city and complain!
Text Box: Text Box: UPDATE  6/27/09    DAY  2

Hi everyone…


Today we’re going to talk about the documents outlining who is making what. We may have to take additional steps to prevent future layoffs of city workers. Not taking the (COLA) cost of living increase is akin to giving back something you don’t have nor can you attain given the current economy. What’s needed is a 3-5% belt tightening of everyone's base salary to protect our valued city workers. The ones that appose this care more about themselves than those in our community. Which do you want?

City Manager Richard Holmer contract is due for renegotiation. Do you want him negotiating his own contract at our expense?

Call the city council and complain. Call the Vice Mayor and complain. Wouldn’t you like to know how slush fund #125 was started without the knowledge of the city council? When we discuss the challenges facing our city we have to address the conduct of those that are duplicitous and have been working behind the scenes for years. Look at how we turn a city wide turmoil into the means with which we can teach youth and adults in our community job skills, current events, research and so much more.









Coming soon...


Response to Grand Jury from city of Riverbank.




Interview with Jesse James White.



The East West Corridor.


Will this bring success to our city or bypass us like so many such projects through history have done to other towns.







See the city's legal options as the city attorney or manager will ultimately have to put into some kind of response to

the Grand Jury.


See the city's legal options as the city attorney or manager will ultimately have to put into some kind of response to the Grand Jury.