Good afternoon ladies and Gentleman.


Our efforts to provide the most accurate and unbiased information

has produced what is to your right.

Those who made the accusations knew this was just a strategic move in the hopes of generating enough of a tempest in a tea cup to launch their recall effort to cover

Virginia Madueno’s voting to benefit her own properties at our expense with Sandra Benitez.

Specifically the Del Rio scandal.

Being warned by fair political practices and did it over and over again to benefit her properties.

What the re-callers had hoped was a way to circumvent the last election.

Their plan now unfolded has not produced the result they thought and put their pal city manager Richard Holmer in the hot seat for creating and administering a “negligent city,” as the Grand Jury said. This is exposing many of the re-callers and their scam and the truth behind their tactical maneuvering.


We have documents and research of official complaints soon to be filed.

Stay tuned.

As we have been saying all along.


Stop the Scam! Stop the power grab!


What is written to the right speaks for itself no other commentary is necessary.