The janitor, mechanic, the teacher in the community, your neighbors, your friends. We are pleased to live in Riverbank, and Stanislaus county. Many of us volunteer and participate with organizations that teach youth and young adults in Riverbank and the county the importance of education, study and research, community involvement, fiscal and personal responsibility, job skills and more. We participate with others to educate, enlighten and empower.  “They ridicule us and call us outsiders.” Anything to shield them from scrutiny.

We oppose the “community cancer,” that lies and uses counterfeit court documents. We have the court minute order, Jesse James White, informal probation, wet reckless his junior year in high school.  We have the e-mails from Holmer, Madueno, Nygard to accuse Dave White of the very acts we have documented  from Fair Political Practices with which Madueno herself has been engaged.  What liars.

Dave White was not in violation as we documented, but Virginal Madueno was in violation and continued to vote benefiting herself and others at our expense. Madueno, Benitez, Nygard, Tucker, Salaiz and Holmer




The recall is about Virginia Mudueno not being appointed to the city counsel when Crefassi stepped down bruising her huge ego. It interfered with the planned control of the city council. Benitez, Holmer, Madueno, Tucker and Salaiz.  Guess how much you’ll be paying then.

www.citizensofriverbank.org   for 10 days of updates


We are still being deprived of a full city council!

Call the Riverbank city clerk  209-869–7101 and ask them if the council can increase your assessments, fees and charges with out a vote of “We,” Citizens of Riverbank. Ask them if a tax increase can be placed on the ballot without  the necessity of collecting signatures. This places the tax payer at a disadvantage always trying to respond to the latest money grab. Don’t sign the recall it’s about liars and a city wide scam.  Visit us at;  www.citizensof riverbank.org We have documents and video you’ll want us to post.

our abusive city manager are of the same mind set and on a mission to grab power and revenue that is making Riverbank far better off than other cities, even with the ridiculously mismanaged Del Rio scam and others with which this group has participated. Groups including those with players such as Madueno, Nygard, Benitez, Tucker and Salaiz predictably appear when communities like ours have revenue to exploit.







Citizens of Riverbank,

Our city manager is as duplicitous as the others and specifically with Madueno and Benitez who tipped her hand on video and was told by Holmer “You voted on that already,” and Benitez let it ride at our expense.  We now have documents on Mr. Holmer documenting mismanagement. Acts that have gained him communications threatening action by the District Attorney.  It started when he first landed in our city, we have documents. Do you know he has a “one for you two for me,” clause in his contract? A base salary, plus what he siphons off the departments with which he gave huge raises. Do you know he negotiates his own contract due to be renewed?  Mad?   “we are getting ripped off !”

innuendo of Madueno and Benitez that two “Whites,” are somehow wrong for standing against the scam and the power grab that will allow increases in  fees, charges, assessments, to cover their ridiculously mismanaged scams like the Del Rio. Look at the city council agenda for Monday June 22, 09, your going to pay MORE! 

Citizens of Riverbank, our neighbors, our friends. We are not from Pennsylvania nor are we extremists. We are the cashier at the drive through and the volunteer at the food bank. The clerk and store manager just around the corner.

The formula for these types are pretty much the same; falsehoods, libel and slanderous statements to deceive the public in an effort to create dissention, class envy and the like. Jesse James White is as proud of his Latino heritage as he is his White heritage. We Citizens of Riverbank object to the racial